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Now: 2024-07-19 21:11:02
Data: 2022-09-12 08:03:01  ✔

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Temperatura (11.3 ° C) - last 24h - Max: 18.4 °C   Min: 9.8 ° C

Humidity (91.3 %) - last 24h - Max: 91.3 %   Min: 81.2 %

Pressure (1019.63 hPa) - last 24h - Max: 1019.01 hPa   Min: 1015.24 hPa

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Meteorogical data and current conditions are obtained from amateur measuring instruments, and should not be used for any important decision.
Remember !!! Real conditions may be vary significiant from the information on pages ASM Burza. Owner ASM Burza is not responsible for any damages resulting from decisions made on the any data, including weather forecast, acquired from ASM BURZA.

About station:

Update: 18.10.2019

After some circumstances with ESP 8266 station ready to operate. New ESP working better, btw: some soft bugs I fixed.Now, I have atmospheric press chart ;-) and better cooperation between ESP (WiFi) and database.
New camera coming soon...

Update: 15.07.2018
Now is the time to separate men from boys. ;-)
Couple of months ago my Conrad Electronic Weather Station broke down. I had many problems with communication to external module - bad data from sensor, lost communication, always soething going bad. So I decided to build, on my own hand, next generation ;-) weather station powered by Arduino. As I thought - I did.
My new station is powered by ESP 8266 with DHT-22 module for temperature and humidity, BMP-180 to measure air pressure (in second Arduino). Of course, I use anemometr and rain sensor exactly from Conrad Electronic Weather Station and my rating for this solution is high. Everyting has been working perfect for 2 months.
By the way - data is transfered to Weather Underground service with PWS API.
Usually, now is good moment to say thak you for my support - so I do: especially for MARCIN for supporting me, lot of knowledge about Arduino with analog/digital pins and best and quick solution for RWD technology, and for my WIFE and DAUGHTER - for a good word and accept all time spent on construction my NEW NEXT GENERATION AMATEUR WEATHER PERSONAL STATION called "BURZA" (it is a storm in Polish).

Update: 04.11.2016
- new version of weewx. Now is 3.6.1.
- new skin - sofaskin
- new battery in external module ;-)

Update: 15.03.2014
- Raspberry Pi is a main controller of meteo station,
- weewx in 2.6.2

Update: 01.07.2013
- new hardware for collect meteo data, WS-0101 FineOffset USB Conrad Electronic
- station sensors: temperature, higrometr, pressure, rain, wind direction, wind speed

Long time ago (about 2009):
At first meteo station was built based on 1-wire technology. This solution worked perfectly about three years. They were used: temperature sensor DS-1820, higrometr SY-HS-230 and pressure sensor MPX-4115. Meteo station worked on the notebook Toshiba Sattelite 1800, ubuntu, mysql and RRD.

Special thanks to:
KRZYCH - for very beautifull clock gauges,
MARCIN - for solution the refresh problem with ajax

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